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AFEET is an association where collaboration flourishes and meaningful connections are forged. Since our founding in 1970, we are proud to be the pillar that brings together exceptional women who hold management positions and own some of the most prominent companies in Mexico’s tourism industry. Our purpose is clear and ambitious: to foster unity, cooperation, friendship and networking among our members, empowering them to lead with excellence in this exciting sector.


To maintain high values of ethics, professionalism, trust and competitiveness in each of the active members that conform the Association.
To promote the tourism activity inside and outside our country with true commitment, dedication and professionalism.
Strengthen social programs that help to have a better country, setting an example with actions that are tangible and reliable.
Raise awareness through actions of the importance of sustainability and ecology for the benefit of the environment.


To be a key link in the production chain in the tourism industry that always has the initiative to adapt to changes and progress for the benefit of tourism and our associates.


Friendship, Unity, Professional Ethics, Commitment, Honesty, History, Loyalty, Trust, Creativity.

Building a stronger and more meaningful future together

We provide our associates with the opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and best practices. Together, we learn and grow, creating a strong and reliable network that transcends industry boundaries.
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Our national headquarters are located in Mexico City and we have 11 branches in the country, which allows us to establish a solid institutional network in different locations to achieve strategic alliances with other local organizations, companies or government institutions, providing greater opportunities for collaboration and mutual support.

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